3 Reasons Why Smaller Ships are better for Fiji Cruises

Fiji is best known for its imagery. Getting around and exploring the place, however, is a bit more complex than just hopping on the nearest cruise liner. The Fiji islands are also a complicated navigational and physically diverse area, and getting to some places can only be done by smaller ships and other craft. The outer islands are accessible by air or by sea, but most seasoned travellers to Fiji prefer to go by water. Grab some travel insurance and check it out for yourself.

1. The Fiji islands- An experience

Fiji is actually a group of islands, spread over a large area including reefs and open ocean. The two main islands are Fiji itself and Vanua Levu to the northeast, with many others scattered in an arc of islands to the south. The reasons for using smaller craft like yachts and power boats becomes pretty clear when you arrive. The big ships can’t go everywhere in this environment. They also can’t afford to use large amounts of fuel traveling around this large area. Generally they only stop at Fiji, and you can’t do much more than pass by the other islands.

The real Pacific island experience is based on exploring the islands yourself. Regular visitors soon learn how to get around Fiji for themselves, and if you’re a boat person, you can have some real fun exploring a navigator’s dream.

2. Cruise Tours

The easier, and definitely the best way to travel around when you haven’t been to Fiji before is on one of the tours. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with the islands and the coast, and the tours are a great way to explore the islands. There are a couple of well-known cruise tours, the MV Reef Endeavour and the square rigger schooner Spirit of the Pacific. Tours may also include things like diving and glass bottom boats, depending on your preferences.

These tours are straightforward things, and often include excursions into the islands, well worth doing to see more of the place than just the tourist resorts and do some exploring. You can get authentic Fijian stuff all around the islands, so these tours are good basic training in local shopping, too.

3. Getting to know the islands

When you know how to find your way around, you can arrange your own travel. It’s a good idea to check out communications, weather, and any safety issues, if you’re doing the sailing. Also make a point of familiarizing yourself with seasonal factors, and don’t do any traveling on your own in storm season.

You can have a beautiful, truly peaceful and relaxing time cruising the islands. This is the original paradise, as painted by Gauguin, and raved about by travelers for over 200 years. All you need to enjoy yourself in Fiji is some cheap travel insurance and a good boat, and the islands will do the rest. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy!


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