Party Safe in Australia

Australia is a great place for a party. Sure, we’ve got beautiful beaches, vast deserts, lush rainforests and rolling hills, but there’s something about the population that just invites letting your hair down and having a good time. If you’re booking your Australian holiday you’re probably knee deep in researching Whitsunday tours, Port Macquarie accommodation, Melbourne events and internal flights to Uluru. However, bear in mind that if you’re a backpacker on their way down under, a lot of how you’ll spent your time will include partying it up and meeting new people. While Australia is a safe country with an exceptionally high quality of living, there are a few precautions you should take in order to make sure your gold cost travels are happy and safe—and fun!
Obviously, for many a young person, alcohol will play a big part in their travels as they party their way around Australia. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but it is important to understand how to drink responsibly and how to protect yourself from the risks that alcohol carries with it. Australia’s hot climate can lead people to misjudge the amount of water they need and, combined with alcohol, this can lead quickly to dehydration. As fun as an afternoon of beers on the beach may sound, remember to hydrate people!
Alcohol and drugs create an atmosphere of volatility, and while Australia has a strong law enforcement presence in all major cities, fights are a risk. The best way to avoid getting involved in violence is to stay away from situations that look as though they could get nasty, and try not to draw attention to yourself in a negative way. Bar fights are often fueled by a mob mentality, so if you see one start, get out of the way and let the bouncers take control, otherwise you may find yourself in a nasty situation.
Drink Spiking
Another risk in some nightclubs around Australia is drink spiking and date rape. Police make every effort to prevent this from happening but it is still something that women—especially tourists—need to be aware of. Never leave your drink unattended and always try to go out with friends who can look out for you. Don’t accept a drink that you haven’t seen poured, or is from anyone other than a close friend. If you start to feel as though you’re not in control of your actions or like you’re under the influence, find someone to help you. This bit of advice is not intended to scare you—drink spiking is not an overly common occurrence, but it is always better to be aware of the risks.
Whether you’re partying the night away in a Sydney bar or drinking with some new friends in a country pub, staying safe and happy should be your priority. In any unfamiliar territory humans are more vulnerable, so taking the necessary precautions to ensure you party safe will help make sure that your dream trip doesn’t become a nightmare.

Sydney for the Quirky Tourist

One of the best things about Sydney is that it really does have something to offer everyone. Whether you like to live it up large in glitz and glamour or relax on a beach, Sydney has a wealth of tourism gems to satisfy any taste. That’s why, if you’re a traveller who likes things a little offbeat, this guide is going to be music to your quirky little ears. We’ve put together the top ten quirky tourist attractions to enjoy in Sydney, so get your travel insurance in order and jump on a plane, because you won’t wanna miss this.
The Rocks Ghost Tour
Feel like creeping yourself out a little? The Rocks was the first suburb in Sydney to be colonized, first with a gaol and then with the first settlers. Before that it was home to the Indigenous Cadigal people, the first inhabitants of the land and custodians of it for 40,000 years. Scare yourself silly with haunted houses, old prison cells and poltergeists a plenty. Are you game?
Tank Stream Tour
The Sydney Tank Stream was Sydney’s original water supply and runs underneath the entire city. For a really different perspective on Sydney, head underground to discover the secret hidden world of tunnels we walk on every day.
Waverly Cemetery
Overlooking the ocean on the cliffs between Bondi and Coogee is the Waverly Cemetery. Forgive us for being a little morbid for a moment, but there is something fascinating about old cemeteries. With this one occupying one of the best bits of real estate in town, it’s worth a look.
Kit and Kaboodle Supper Club
(33/37 Darlinghurst Road)
If you’re looking for a fun night out but can’t be bothered with the usual city crowd, why not try out Kit and Kaboodle Supper Club in King’s Cross? Filled to the brim with kooky, quirky clientele, Kit and Kaboodle’s biggest selling point is the box of dress-ups for communal use at the door. It’s a LOT of fun.
Feel like a movie night? How about a vegetarian buffet? Govindas is a truly unique establishment, right in the heart of Kings Cross, that caters to those who want a bit more of an intimate cinema experience. Also hosting meditations and chant sessions, Govindas seamlessly blends Eastern spirituality and Western cinema. A good mix, and the food is phenomenal!
Moonlight Cinema at Bondi Beach
If you’re in Sydney during the summer months there’s nothing quite like watching a film outdoors against the picturesque setting of Bondi Beach. The Iconic Bondi Pavilion turns its lawns into an outdoor cinema and patrons bring picnics and wine to watch the latest box office hits.
Sydney Harbour Cruise
There are so many cruises of Sydney Harbour on offer that you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes. Choose between a tall shit tour complete with costumed crew, a jet-boat tour, a dinner cruise, a dress-up cruise, a singles cruise—there is even a laser clay shooting cruise!

Sydney is a city full of character and life, and if you’re a tourist full of the same then you’ll love its quirky side.

Preparing for Business Trips in Australia

Launching a new career can be an exciting prospect and one of the most exhilarating elements is business trips. Being sent on a business trip to Australia is reflective of the growing confidence that your employer has in you and provides an opportunity to make a large and noticeable impact.
Every year there are thousands of conferences that have the potential to advance your career goals and benefit your company, but they can also spell disaster if you are not prepared and professional. Here are some handy tips on making a business trip profitable for you and your company.
If you are approaching your company to request that you be sent on a business trip then make sure you are certain of what the potential gains and the purpose of the trip are. Be prepared to answer questions about the necessity of the trip and be prepared with professional and Find budget hotels. Look for sophisticated Gold Coast apartments and respectable serviced apartments in Sydney, making sure you are able to justify the need for your trip and chosen accommodation.
Make sure you achieve what you set out to do. Once you have been offered the opportunity to travel for business make sure all business is conducted before you consider having a good time and enjoying what Australia has to offer. Your bosses will not be impressed if you come back tanned but without having achieved what you set out to do.
Make sure you are prepared for your conference or for your clients. When attending a conference read up on the subject before leaving so you are ready to engage in the discussion and are able to understand all that is being said. Remember you are representing your company abroad so you need to be prepared to be the best. If you are visiting clients make sure you are well versed in the topics or ideas you need to express. Even if you have travelled to see them they will not be impressed if you are unfamiliar with the subject or business.
Remember that you are being sent away for business and are not expected to be able to sight see. If you report that you finished all of your business and had time to sight see this may be interpreted as you not having had enough to do rather than as efficiency. If you really want to sight see then try to combine this with business and arrange a meeting at a point of interest so you are not seen to be wasting company time and money.
Holding events
Oftentimes during business travel you will be expected to entertain clients or business partners on behalf of your company. When doing so it is important to remain professional and ensure that you are abiding by company practice regulations. Make sure you are well versed in what is and isn’t allowed so that you can make judgements on where it is and isn’t appropriate to take clients.
For business or pleasure?

The first business trip for any employee offers exciting new opportunities. Remember that you are being sent away for business and ensure that you conduct that business in a respectable and professional manner. Should time arise afterwards for pleasure then make the most of it but fulfil you obligations first.

Goa India - The Most Romantic Destination For Honeymoon In India

Goa, the smallest state of India, is a perfect place for travel and holidays in India. Was synonymous with vacations in India with its beautiful beaches and many tourist attractions. Also known as the beach capital of India. Besides the beaches, the state has much to offer visitors. Forts and palaces, temples, monuments, forts, palaces, colonial buildings, wildlife refuges and national parks, etc. are the main attractions, they love to explore and enjoy your visit to Goa in India and travel. Goa is an ideal destination for a honeymoon vacation in India. Attracts honeymooners or newly married couples, not only different but also abroad.

Goa with its incredible combination of sun, sand, sea and surf, the newlyweds is a paradise. This is a great place to start is the most romantic chapter of your life with your partner. Imagine sitting on a par with his love of his life on the beach in beautiful sun-kissed beach or on the bench in the shade of umbrellas with nothing but the gentle sound of waves splashing on the rocks and walk the beach in the moonlight. Here would be a very romantic time of your life with your love. There are many beautiful beaches lined with palm coconut trees, which have a more romantic setting for your honeymoon in India. Some beaches in india are popular Dona Paula, Palolem, Colva, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Agonda, Arambol, Chapora, Baga, Miramar, Bogmalo, Varca, Mobor, Benaulim, Majorda, etc.

Goa's beaches also offer excellent accommodation facilities for honeymooners. Singles can enjoy beach activities here more like swimming, sunbathing, building sand castles, watching the sunset, the moon walk on the beach, etc. On their honeymoon in Goa tourism You also have the wonderful opportunity to visit and explore some of the most magnificent churches and convents. You also have the opportunity to see many monuments such as temples, fortresses, palaces and colonial buildings. You will not give to enjoy water sports on your honeymoon vacation in Goa, India. Windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, fishing, boat trips, etc, are the most popular water sports you like to enjoy their honeymoon in Goa, India.

In fact, Goa is an ideal holiday destination in India. If you are looking for a destination for the honeymoon the most romantic of Goa in India has to offer. You can enjoy the best of your romantic holiday in Goa with a package honeymoon to right in India. Well, come to Goa and make your honeymoon romantic and very memorable.