Capoeira - Martial Arts For Brazilian Vacations

It's widely known that if you share something in common with people from your travel destination, you'll have no problem starting a conversation with locals. Cricket in India, surfing in Australia, tango in Argentina; there will always be a lively conversation around the next corner if you're an enthusiast or a practitioner.

One of the great Brazilian passions is Capoeira (cap-o-wear-a), a mixture of martial art and dance that was developed some time after the 16th century by African slaves in Brazil. Under the watchful eye of their captors, the slaves developed a way to practise their fighting techniques disguised as a traditional dance. Capoeira spread from Brazil rapidly in the 1970s, and is now practised all over the world in a wide variety of forms from its original state.

If you'd like to be able to break some common ground with Brazilians either over a conversation or by jogo (game or match), here are some suggestions to be well prepared.

Listen to Brazilian music and do some dancing

Brazil has a rich culture of music and dancing, so if you've got two left feet you should try and learn to loosen up a bit. Get together with a group of friends and check out a Brazilian music venue, or even put on some samba at home to dance to if you can't bear the thought of showing your moves in public.


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