This to Consider When Going to Australia on a Business Trip

Australia is a very modernized country where you will be able to find all the comforts and conveniences of home while you are visiting on business, with a unique Australian twist of interesting culture and climate. It is a very easy country to arrive in as the people are extremely friendly and provide very good and reliable services. Here are a few helpful hints if you are planning on coming to Australia on a business trip.


Finding a place to stay is always the first priority when arriving in a new country. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to consider the jet lag effect by booking a place to stay ahead of time.

Apartments – Every city in Australia has the option of furnished apartments that will give you privacy and make you feel at home. The fully serviced apartments in Sydney and Melbourne are first class and will make you feel like royalty. If you are planning on staying in one of the serviced apartments in Brisbane, then be sure to book well ahead of time as they fill up quickly at certain times in the year due to popular sporting events.

Hotels – If you want luxury, then it’s not hard to find it in Australia. Every major city has a 5 star hotel close to the downtown core, so you just need to choose the area that will suit you. If you want to mix business with pleasure, there are endless options available to have a first class stay in a casino; a perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at the office.


Rentals – It is very easy to pick up a rental vehicle immediately upon arrival to Australia. This is a great option if you want some independence, but don’t forget that you may need an adventurous spirit when you are driving in a new city especially if you are accustomed to driving on the right-hand side of the road. A rental also gives you the freedom to escape the city on weekends if you need to.

Hire a Driver – If you are on a tight schedule and prefer to have the peace-of-mind that you will arrive at your destination on time, then hiring a driver is your best option. Work is probably stressful enough without having to also try to navigate around a new city.


Take a little time out for yourself while in Australia and choose one of the many options Australia has to provide for your entertainment.

Have a Hit – Australia is spoiled with one of the largest selections of golf courses anywhere. With plenty to choose from, you can pick where to have a round based on what kind of view you want, whether you prefer to stay in the city and what level of difficulty you desire.

Enjoy a Scenic Flight – If you want to see as much as possible but are pressed for time, there are plenty of scenic flights you can choose from no matter what state you are visiting.

Take in a Sporting Event – Do as the Aussies do, and try to get to at least one sporting event while you are visiting. No matter what time of year or what city you are in, there is always something going on in the world of Australian sports.
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6 Essential Stops When Driving From Adelaide to Melbourne

The drive from Adelaide to Melbourne is the perfect road trip.  This extremely beautiful section of coastline is just the right length of drive to be on the road for a solid week, and if you know which little side routes to take, this drive has it all. If you don’t have a reliable car but want to visit some of these places, consider doing one of the Great Ocean Road Tours, for a smaller version of this adventure.

Coorong National Park – If you like fishing or just playing around in the sand dunes, this  is a great place to make your first stop. This long, thin stretch of spectacular park offers some of the best fishing in the state along with some massive sand dunes. Be careful if you go playing in the dunes that you are not on a four wheel drive track as it’s not always easy to tell at first.

Portland – After crossing the border into Victoria, it’s well worth stopping in Portland. A quaint little fishing town with friendly locals and a tasty bakery, this is just the place to take in the sunset and spend the night. Portland Accommodation options include a campground, B&B’s and comfortable and clean hotel rooms.

Hall’s Gap – Once you leave Portland, its time for a detour, head north to the Grampian’s National Park. One of Australia’s finest natural areas, it is worth the couple hours it will take you to get up into the park and Hall’s Gap is the place to stay. Blessed with tremendous bird life, reptiles, kangaroos and emus galore, and stunning wild flowers, you will want at least a night or two up here.

Port Campbell – Once you have got your fill of the wildlife and wilderness, head straight south to the coast and a little east to Port Campbell. This cute little town has it all, a charming pub, friendly locals, a beautiful swimming beach, tasty eating options, and is the perfect place to spend the night. Port Campbell accommodation is limited so book ahead, it’s worth being organized to ensure you get to stay here.

Wye River – This hidden gem is a tiny place located, you guessed it, right at the beach. The main accommodation here is a fancy caravan park which has all the amenities you could want. Whether you want to tent it or sleep in a cabin, this place is worth stopping at. A great little cafĂ© and restaurant is located opposite the beach and serves up first class meals and treats.

Geelong – After being dazzled by the Great Ocean Road, you are not going to want the journey to end, so extend your time on the road by staying a night in Geelong. A stone’s throw from Melbourne, Geelong has all the amenities of a big city with the charm of a small town. If you happen to be here during the AFL season, going to a Geelong game is a must. Their fans are something are both colourful and loyal and it’s quite the spectacle to see them at home.

There’s nothing like a great road trip and this one will be one of your best. You may find yourself doing it trip more than once.

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5 Ways to Do the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road captures the sheer diversity of Australia, incorporating a stunning coastline, headlands, unique rock formations, rainforests and beaches. It is this natural beauty that resulted in the Great Ocean Road was added to the Australian National Heritage List (2011), indicating its outstanding heritage significance.

The Great Ocean Road, built as a memorial to fallen World War I soldiers, is 243km long, running from Torquay, near Geelong, to Allansford. Completing the Great Ocean Road is a popular tourist activity, often done in conjunction with Melbourne tours.

The Great Ocean Road is regarded as one of the most scenic roads in the world. But who says you have to drive? Whilst that is a popular option, there are other ways to travel the Great Ocean Road. There 5 main ways to see the Great Ocean Road are:

-          Bus:

Many Great Ocean Road tours use coaches with an experienced driver and guide. These bus tours include stops at all the main tourist attractions. A bus tour is an economical option and these tours vary in length from 1 to 4 days.

-          Cycle:

Cycling the 243 kilometres is not for the faint hearted. Serious cyclists would enjoy this option for the fresh ocean air and views. However, this coastal air can be cool at times, so ensure you have the right clothing.

Cycling the Great Ocean Road is recommended to take 4-6 days, depending on how far you cycle each day. If you’re uncertain about cycling the whole distance, there are shorter ride options. These options vary in terms of distance and difficulty, allowing you to choose the best option for you.  

-          Run:

As with cycling, running the 243 kilometres is only for active long-distance runners. If you’re uncertain if you can make the whole way, you could attempt running the Great Ocean Walk.

The Great Ocean Walk is 104 kilometres, beginning at Apollo Bay and concludes near the Twelve Apostles. This walk goes through national parks and beaches. By running this path, you have the freedom to truly explore the area by stopping and starting where you like.

-          Motorbike:

The Great Ocean Road is a motorcyclist’s dream. Cruising the open road on your motorbike is a great option because of the sense of freedom it offers.  

-          Drive:

Driving the Great Ocean Road is the most popular travel option. It can be done in 1 day, but it is recommended to take at least 2 days. That way, you can truly experience the area by being able to stop and explore the beaches, rainforests and headlands without time constraints.

The landmarks spread out along the Great Ocean Road mean that there are significant benefits in being able to stop and explore when you want. The landmarks include the Twelve Apostles, the Grotto, The Gibson Steps and the Loch Ard Gorge. These landmarks, regardless of which method you choose, must be seen.  

Most importantly, no matter which transportation method you choose, don’t rush your journey. Take your time and embrace all that the Victorian coast has to offer.
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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Australia

If you’re thinking of taking your next holiday down under, you’re in for a treat. Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations and for good reason. Whether you’re kicking back in luxury Surfer’s Paradise accommodation, camping out in the desert under the stars or relaxing on the sand in a quaint beachside village, Australia has something to offer everyone, and it’s this diversity that makes it the kind of destination that people return to time and time again. If you’re looking for reasons to make your next holiday an Aussie adventure, you’re in luck—because here are five of the best.

  1. The People
Australia is a country with a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, all swept together in one thriving, exciting country. One of the things Australians are famous for is their friendliness and laid-back attitude. From the country to the sea, the cities to the tropics, Aussies tend to have a ‘no worries’ attitude to life, which makes travelling here a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

  1. The Landscape
Australia has one of the most diverse landscapes of any country on earth. Because of its size it spans a number of different climates, so that in the one country you can experience snow, desert, tropical beaches, lush rainforests and sunny cities. It’s the Australian landscape that gives it such a unique identity, and the diversity of nature has informed the culture of the Australian people.

  1. The Animals
Nowhere on earth is there such a strange combination of odd-looking creatures. A trip to Australia is not complete without exploring the flora and fauna, and with some of the world’s most deadly creatures, as well as some of the most unique, you’ll be sure to have a thrilling experience one way or another. Whether you’re snorkeling with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, watching five-metre crocs jump out of the water in the Northern Territory, chilling with Kangaroos in the Outback or creeping yourself out at wildlife centre checking out spiders and snakes that could kill you in an hour, the animals in Australia will certainly leave an impression! Let’s just hope it’s not the impression of their teeth on your body, because more than a few of them bite…

  1. The Cities
Something that a lot of people neglect to realise is that Australia’s capital cities are among some of the most innovative and vibrant in the world. Sydney’s scenery and vibe, Melbourne’s culture and fashion and Perth’s forward-thinking green infrastructure all make for fascinating city breaks in Australia, and it’s well worth your time as a tourist to spend some time in the hustle and bustle as well as out on day tours exploring the landscapes.

  1. The Beaches

Let’s face it, Australia is an Island on which 90% of the people live within a 2-hour drive from the ocean. We’re a nation of beach-lovers, and once you’ve visited one of our pristine stretches of sand, you’ll understand why. With great surf, beautiful bronzed people and an attitude that considers lying on the beach an admirable pastime, Australia is one place where heading to the beach is a necessity.

Essential Brisbane Experiences

Brisbane is a town of many talents. It is the Capital of Queensland, the third-largest city in Australia and it’s famous for a range of things including its friendly locals and its epic nightlife. There are so many reasons to visit this wonderful northern city, and so few excuses not to! Once you’ve bought your travel insurance policy and accommodation, the only thing to do is figure out what you have to do while you’re there. With so many attractions and experiences on offer, it’s wise to make a list so you don’t miss out on anything. We’re here to help, with a range of essential Brisbane experiences!

Morton Island

A little way off the coast of Brisbane is charming Morton Island. Perfect for a day trip or a few days’ sojourn, Morton Island is a paradise of blue waters, peaceful fishing boats and white sands. Make sure you taste the iconic Morton Bay Bugs!

Fortitude Valley

For a night you’ll never remember, Fortitude Valley is THE place to go. Boasting some of the country’s best dance DJs and nightclubs, ‘The Valley’, as the locals call it, has given birth to a vibrant and passionate music scene among Brisbane’s young and young at heart.

Queen St Mall

For the best in local and international designers, Queen Street Mall is the place to shop till you drop. Brisbane is home to some truly talented Aussie designers, and with more entering the industry each year it’s plain to see why the city is such an up-and-coming juggernaut.

Australia Zoo

Founded by the late Steve Irwin as a sanctuary and observation area for Aussie animals, the Australia Zoo is his legacy to the country and the world. Get up-close and personal with a croc and cuddle a koala as you take in the good work he did.

Theme Parks

Smack bang between Brisbane and Surfer’s Paradise lie the theme parks of the Gold Coast, an easy day trip from Brisbane and a guaranteed good time for the entire family. Visit MovieWorld, Dreamworld, Seaworld and Wet ’n Wild for an adrenalin-fuelled adventure!

Queensland Art Gallery

A surprising array of old and new, indigenous and non-indigenous, classic and modern art coexists in this innovative gallery. Featuring not only the best that Queensland has to offer, but also some of the finest work in the country, this is a cultural hit not to be missed.

A Sporting Event at Suncorp Stadium

Brisbane is a city of sport-lovers, and whether it’s an ice-cold beer while you’re watching the cricket or a scarf-clad crowd screaming their lungs out at the AFL, there’s something special about watching sport in this impressive stadium. Make sure you bring your best yelling voice and buckets of enthusiasm—you’ll be sure to fit in!

Brisbane truly does have something to offer everyone. It’s the diversity of this city, as well as the friendliness of the locals and the beauty of its natural surrounds that make it such a consistent favourite. So what are you waiting for? Book your Brisbane accommodation and find out for yourself.

The changing face of travel

Travel has changed a lot since the days of the “jet set” and privileged global commuters. Now, travel is for everyone, and as the market has grown, it’s also expanded into a vast new range of destinations. A typical itinerary for a holiday will contain a whole suite of destinations which weren’t even on the map before 2005. Doha is a case in point. Qatar has risen to the top of the list as a major tourist destination, and the new Doha hotels are setting the standards for the wider market.
The new generation of global tourists
Travel has become a reflection of the global culture. It’s been a very short step from the “fears of globalization” a generation ago to the new travel market where people are as mobile in physical travel as they are online. Bookings are now so easy and so flexible that it’s easy to integrate land, sea and air travel
Better communications have translated into better travel options. The days of single tour itineraries have been replaced with “designer” travel options, including some online Twitter-based types of travel where all you need is a phone to see the sights and find interesting things wherever you are in the world.
The way the destinations have evolved is quite a study in itself. This evolution is driving the travel market and it’s also evolving the new technologies to match and improve demand. China is a case in point. China didn’t have a travel industry to speak of, 10 years ago. Now it has one of the biggest travel industries in the world, both inbound and outbound, with a huge commercial base. The rest of the region has benefited greatly. Malaysia, for example, was a tourism backwater at the turn of the century. Now, Malaysia’s hotels are world famous, and the nation’s tourist industry is booming.
Behind the scenes- Better business for industry and consumers
Travel and technology are now in lock step. The global tourists aren’t just “connected” any more. They’re able to globe trot, do business, and run their lives from mobile devices. A lot of people also now do business in other countries, and the added flexibility is creating more efficient use of space and time for travellers.
This very different type of mobility is now both a lifestyle and a business asset. Many businesses are taking advantage of the new mobility to generate business. It’s now possible to operate a business (or several) from a mobile phone, and the New Economy businesses, which are geared to digital rather than physical locations, are benefiting greatly, creating new markets and finding new customers around the world.
The better travel options have also translated into much better business. The new travel market has also become a truly global market, with multiple commercial dimensions. If you think of travel as purely a marketing exercise, the old “single stream” of travel has become a multi-faceted array of possibilities. That’s largely thanks to streamlined travel procedures and the ability to literally create an entire travel and business itinerary from your own home desk.

This is only the beginning. If you’re looking for the future, this is it.