Top 5 Reasons to Visit Australia

If you’re thinking of taking your next holiday down under, you’re in for a treat. Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations and for good reason. Whether you’re kicking back in luxury Surfer’s Paradise accommodation, camping out in the desert under the stars or relaxing on the sand in a quaint beachside village, Australia has something to offer everyone, and it’s this diversity that makes it the kind of destination that people return to time and time again. If you’re looking for reasons to make your next holiday an Aussie adventure, you’re in luck—because here are five of the best.

  1. The People
Australia is a country with a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, all swept together in one thriving, exciting country. One of the things Australians are famous for is their friendliness and laid-back attitude. From the country to the sea, the cities to the tropics, Aussies tend to have a ‘no worries’ attitude to life, which makes travelling here a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

  1. The Landscape
Australia has one of the most diverse landscapes of any country on earth. Because of its size it spans a number of different climates, so that in the one country you can experience snow, desert, tropical beaches, lush rainforests and sunny cities. It’s the Australian landscape that gives it such a unique identity, and the diversity of nature has informed the culture of the Australian people.

  1. The Animals
Nowhere on earth is there such a strange combination of odd-looking creatures. A trip to Australia is not complete without exploring the flora and fauna, and with some of the world’s most deadly creatures, as well as some of the most unique, you’ll be sure to have a thrilling experience one way or another. Whether you’re snorkeling with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, watching five-metre crocs jump out of the water in the Northern Territory, chilling with Kangaroos in the Outback or creeping yourself out at wildlife centre checking out spiders and snakes that could kill you in an hour, the animals in Australia will certainly leave an impression! Let’s just hope it’s not the impression of their teeth on your body, because more than a few of them bite…

  1. The Cities
Something that a lot of people neglect to realise is that Australia’s capital cities are among some of the most innovative and vibrant in the world. Sydney’s scenery and vibe, Melbourne’s culture and fashion and Perth’s forward-thinking green infrastructure all make for fascinating city breaks in Australia, and it’s well worth your time as a tourist to spend some time in the hustle and bustle as well as out on day tours exploring the landscapes.

  1. The Beaches

Let’s face it, Australia is an Island on which 90% of the people live within a 2-hour drive from the ocean. We’re a nation of beach-lovers, and once you’ve visited one of our pristine stretches of sand, you’ll understand why. With great surf, beautiful bronzed people and an attitude that considers lying on the beach an admirable pastime, Australia is one place where heading to the beach is a necessity.


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