Travelling Eastern Canada

Canada is not as well-known as it should. It’s not the land of cold and snow popular opinion makes it out to be (at least, not all year long!). In fact, the summers are quite nice and warm, and Canada has a rich history that deserves to be discovered. Whether for pleasure, for a wedding or for a business conference, Eastern Canada has everything you desire.

Québec City and Montréal

The easternmost of eastern provinces, Québec has two major cities: Québec and Montréal. Québec was founded in 1608, which makes it one of the oldest cities in North America. Québec is well-known for its winter festival, for its old-world charm in the New World, and for its amazing French cuisine. It is also the seat of the Québec provincial government. The views from the heights of the cliff over the river and the south shore are unequalled in the province. For a romantic stop in a European ambiance, Québec is a great choice. Lower along the St. Lawrence river, you will find Montréal, the biggest and most populous city in the province, and the third in Canada. Montréal is about 40 years younger than Québec, which still makes it pretty old. Stroll in the Old Port, take in the many shows, plays and stand-up comics, or enjoy a walk through its many museums. Montréal is the cultural heart of Canada, and its multicultural population gives you access to a wide array of food choices, some as exotic as Tibetan or as classic as chinese Dim Sum. The subway system is easy to travel and will take you anywhere that’s really interesting: the Oratory, downtown, the Olympic Stadium and much more.

Ottawa and Toronto

Ontario is the most populous province in the country, and it hosts the federal capital, Ottawa. Ottawa is well-know for the longest skateable river in the world, the Rideau Canal: if you enjoy winter traveling, Ottawa is definitely a must. The parliament buildings have an amazing Neo-Gothic architecture that imitates those in England but still has peculiar Canadian characteristics. Visit one of the many museums or witness a sitting of the House of Commons. A few hours south, you will find Toronto, the Canadian metropolis. Set on the edge of a Great Lake, so big you can’t see the other shore, Toronto is the business center of Canada. Its downtown core compares favourably with New York; in fact, it is more compact and easier to visit than its American sister. Toronto has plenty of theaters and museums; the campus of the University of Toronto has served as a replacement for Harvard University in many television shows and movies.

As you can see, the cities of Eastern Canada offer a lot of possibilities for the adventurous tourist. Weddings, group trips, conferences are only a few of the reasons to visit this beautiful part of the world. And it’s perfect for those who love winter, as these cities and their regions offer much to the skier and snowboarder, as well as those who just enjoy walking in a winter wonderland only to go back to a warm fire in their hotel room.
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