How to Beat the Winter Blues

Do you spend the winter months counting down the days till summer arrives once more? Does the rain and cold make you feel bitter and resentful? Short of spending your life chasing the sun – maybe even moving every 6 months to swap between the southern and northern hemisphere summers – there’s not much you can do to prevent winter arriving every year. Instead, you need to learn how to embrace and make the most of the cold and windy weather! Here are some of the ways winter can be great – you’ll be forgetting those winter blues in no time.

1. Warm and snuggly inside while watching the crazy weather outside.
Just because it’s often cold and wet outside during winter, it doesn’t mean you have to go out in it!
Forget about those mornings where you have to dash through the rain with your umbrella to get to work: think about how nice it is when you find yourself snuggling up with your doona on the couch, heater on full blast, watching your favourite film, drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate and relaxing with friends and family.
2. Going to sleep hearing the pitter-patter of rain on the roof.
If there’s one thing that winter has got going for it, it’s those cozy nights where you can be warm in bed with your fluffy winter bed linen, your many blankets – maybe an electric blanket and maybe even a hot water bottle! There’s nothing quite so blissful as going to sleep while listening to the rain and feeling thankful to be home.
Compare this to summer, where it can be so hot that sleeping naked, no covers, and even a fan whirring furiously away, still can’t cut through the unbearable humidity. If only there were a way to combine winter nights with summery days: wouldn’t that be the perfect solution?
3. The Snow!
Even if you rarely see snow in your area, and winter to you means only lots of wind and rain: there’ll be somewhere within driving distance where you can go to find and make the most of the snow.
If you’ve never tried winter sports, then now is the time to start. You can’t genuinely complain about winter blues unless you have tried everything winter has to offer.
If you find skiing and snow boarding aren’t for you, you can still at least take part in the apr├Ęs-ski drinking at the resort instead.
4. Winter fashions.
Let’s face it. During summer, you spend most of your time either at the beach in your swimsuit, or in functional clothes that are designed to keep you as cool as possible.
When it comes to expressing yourself and getting creative with fashion: winter beats summer, end of discussion. Coats, scarves, hats, gloves, layers upon layers of clothing…. there’s always a great excuse to go clothes shopping in the winter!
5. Indulgent foods; bubble baths; fireplaces…
There are so many more great things about winter; it is simply impossible to list everything.
Forget the summer barbeque, what about those delicious Sunday roasts? Or warm pumpkin soup with crusty bread? And of course scrumptious winter puddings? The cold weather provides us with a great excuse to indulge in all sorts of comfort food.
Add to this the luxury of enjoying a nice bubble bath or hot shower to keep you warm and relaxed…this doesn’t have quite the same effect in summer. And you cannot deny the appeal of a toasty fireplace spreading warmth throughout the home.
The reality is, beating the winter blues shouldn’t consist of trying to escape summer: you need to change the way you think about it. Focus on all the positives winter has to offer, and you will soon find yourself remembering why these months don’t have to be so bad after all.
You can’t stop the seasons from changing, so you need to change your outlook instead. Once you’ve done this, you can kiss your winter blues goodbye!


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