How to Stay Safe while Staying on the Gold Coast

Even though the Gold Coast is a very safe city to visit, you still need to be careful wherever you go. As the old saying goes, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's always important to be smart about every decision you make, including keeping any paper work or travel insurance in a safe spot or where you can get to it easily. This is important because, in case of loss of possessions and theft, this insurance will cover you for those losses. For ways to keep your possessions and your family out of harm’s way, follow the tips in this article.
Hotel Safe
All hotels have a safe where you can keep all your valuables. If you are going out, only take whatever you need with you. Decide before hand if you want to pay by cash or credit card. If you have a debit card, take that instead.
Thieves will easily pick you out if you are dressed like a tourist. Try to dress like a local, and even try to assume the character of a local. Buy a newspaper, and place your camera in a bag where it cannot be seen. Empty your pockets as thieves will target people who are carrying a lot of bags, bulging wallets, and mobile phones. If you have an expensive watch, leave that in the hotel safe, and use your mobile if you need to know the time.
If you don't know the area well, you definitely should be referring to a map. If you do, try to do this indoors, or away from prying eyes. If you ask for directions, it’s better to ask someone serving in a shop than asking someone out in the street in the open. Any behavior that makes you stand out as a tourist is not a good thing.
Know where you are going
Guidebooks and travel pieces are often full of great information, but they are not always accurate. Things change. A shop or place can go out of business, change address, or maybe the address is wrong. Before you know it, you're in an area that you're not familiar with, and, accordingly, can be in a vulnerable situation. Do research on where you want to go first.
Trust Your Instincts
If you're unsure of the area you're in, get out of the area if it doesn't feel right to you. Always trust your instincts.
Money Exchanges
If you need to visit a money exchange, make sure it doesn't have a glass partition facing onto the street. You don't want to stand out like a tourist. This type of behaviour will no doubt attract the wrong type of people
Ask Where You Are Staying
The best time to ask questions is actually before you book your surfers paradise accommodation. Before booking, you will want to make sure it is not too secluded. You also want to ask if it’s close to shops -- and various questions about your accommodation’s security.


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