Goa - Travel Guide

Are you sick and tired of visiting the same place over and over again? Well, you can try to fly to Goa. Goa is just a small place, however, this city is also considered a home for extraordinary beaches, churches and temples.

An excellent illustration is the site of the UNESCO Heritage Globe, the Basilica Good Jesus. He holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier. Inside you could see the tables at the Saint with his silver casket. This building is truly a magnificent example of Baroque architecture in India. On the other hand, it is possible to see the style created by architect meticulous. Columns were carefully placed in the area that reminds you of your classic palace. The best is certainly an open space that is really specifically Breezy in the morning.

In addition to the Basilica, you can relax in front of the Calangute beach is located in North Goa. As well as international tourists in the neighborhood and see this place, especially in summer. This beach is considered the queen of beaches in the area. Stalls and shacks as a marketing medium is dominated by a full range of items such as fried shrimp, beer and even created decorative shells. Sandy Beach Resort has been done for the months from November to February for the extras to enjoy the holiday.

At the State Museum of Goa, you will feel like a versatile type of information. It 'was inaugurated in 1996, the President of India. A dozen are ostentatious display here, just like a gallery of sculptures, Christian art gallery, cultural anthropology, the environment and the development of a gallery, Gallery Furniture, and contemporary art gallery. You will find galleries that are not mentioned, however, that you should look next.

Despite many innovations, which happen to be currently produced in India, Goa remained a pure and simple. Now that you know these things the neighborhood, go to Goa, India, and experience a new culture of Indian society.

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