The Most Popular Beaches In India

The natural beauty, exotic places and rich heritage has enabled India to stand as the most visited tourist area and most popular in the world. Status of "Incredible India" is defined by an incredible variety of benefits of nature on the Indian subcontinent and the incredible similarity is doubled when one of the most amazing tourism in the country, there are the beaches and majestic in the bright India. Tourists have a hard time resisting the importance of three natural beaches of SSS in India, there is the sea, sun and sand. The beautiful beaches of India to respond to the desire for beach lovers and water sports, sightseeing resort, Incredible India, the right choice.

In India, the most beautiful beaches are in the states of Goa - Beaches Hub, Kerala - God's own country, Karnataka - the pride of India and Tamil Nadu - Heritage of India. Some of the most popular beaches in India are:

Varkala Beach - Kerala

The magnificent spectacle of the sun dissolve into the sea can be experienced in the Varakal beach in Kerala, which is 42 km from Thrivanathampuram. Setting the Varkala beach is excellent, and spectacular beach a popular attraction in the indigenous view of the Arabian Sea without end. Cocos, old hotels and shops line up along the surface of roads spanning the length of the stretch of beach. The magnetic attraction of Varkala beach is not only for his brilliance, but also perfect picturesque mineral water down the hill is believed to have medicinal properties, and the temple 800 years dedicated to Hanuman and Janardhan Ayyappan (lords of Hinduism), where even non-Hindu visitors can discover majestic holiness.

Marari Beach - Kerala

The Marari Beach is known to rest in Marari, a small fishing village in Kerala - God's own country. The beach offers a chance for visitors to explore backwaters of Kerala and quiet beach, near Alleppey in Kerala.

Kovalam Beach - Kerala

The beach of Kovalam in India is an internationally renowned beach of Kerala and has been a tourist favorite since time immemorial. The huge rocky headlands helped calm the turbulent waters of the sea, making it ideal for swimming in the sea lively beach of Kovalam is known to attract huge crowd because of its majestic sunbathing, relaxing massage based herbs, unique programs of culture and a wonderful Cruise etc.

Gokarna Beach - Karnataka

Gokarna is one of the beaches in India, showing the ancient (and a successful day in the early evening) in Goa - a paradise for the world, and is four beaches are clean and isolated within the limits of India. Beach to find its location in the city at a distance and small North Karnataka to give a good opportunity for religious pilgrims and happy holiday applicants rejoice with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Mahabalipuram Beach - Tamil Nadu

The most popular beach on the east coast of India is popular with tourists who come to spend quality time in the revitalization of the Mahabalipuram beach for relaxation at the pump there.

Baga Beach - North Goa

With a majestic landscape bursting with known sun, sea and sand to give a great relief for tourists from hectic life, from all over the world. One of the most happening beaches in India, where it is known that the peaceful nature blessed trees, fresh air and pure 'n', coconut and palm oil to duplicate the experience of pleasure.

Palolem Beach - South Goa

To be the best beach in Goa, which is surrounded by a dense forest of coconut trees in south Goa at a distance with the expansive white sand, the beach at Palolem beach in Goa is popular. The beach is a mile long semi-circular shape continues to attract more crowd around him.

Anjuna Beach - North Goa

After 30 km of coastline rich in Arabian Sea, Anjuna Beach in North Goa. Exotic beach Anjuna is known for attracting a wide range of visitors from around the world, the magnetic attraction Chapora Fort and the flea market.

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